Client Stories: Dorothy

Client Stories: Dorothy

Client Stories: Dorothy

Dorothy is the kind of person who has dedicated her life to the betterment and improvement of other people. So when she came to Dr. Maxwell’s office looking to improve her own physical appearance, the staff was elated to be able to give back to her as she’s given back to others. Dorothy and her husband both had facelift operations and Dorothy had some light laser touch ups to her skin as well. Looking for something natural and subtle, Dorothy says that Dr. Maxwell’s work has increased her natural aesthetic without looking like she chose to have a little work done, “after all, I like what Joyce Meyer says, you wouldn’t drive a car for 70 years and not do maintenance, would you? I recommend her to anyone who asks, you can’t even see any hint of a scar after healing.”

She is a military-wife who has lived and taught all over the world, her and her husband have built a very fascinating, challenging, and happy life together. When Dorothy was nearing retirement, she turned the same dedication she had for others – inward. Never the type to sit still, Dorothy founded her own business as a mentor, facilitating workshops and publically speaking on how to build a legacy.

She saw a picture of Dr. Maxwell on a Southwest in-flight magazine and was immediately drawn to Dr. Maxwell’s presentation and aesthetic. She said she really ‘looked the part’. “As I was getting to the point where I was really thinking of starting my own business, I was also thinking to myself ‘if I was ever going to follow that dream, I’d want to look my best’”. As a keynote speaker, being in front of large audiences is bound to make even the most experienced person nervous.

What really gravitated Dorothy, and many others, to Dr. Maxwell is her genuine and caring disposition. Dorothy said her experience at Maxwell’s office was attentive and professional. ‘She took the time to answer all my questions and to really personalize the experience.’ The other notable quality about Maxwell’s work is her amazing attention to detail. Dorothy says when everything was done, she couldn’t even see the scars and sutures. “The well trained staff worked as an integral team to provide a great and refreshing experience.”

The qualities that really impressed Dorothy went beyond Maxwell’s unparalleled talent into her ‘heart-based approach to organization’ and not being about the bottom line, but honestly caring about people.

“The treatment wasn’t the catalyst, but it was the final push that gave me the confidence I needed to break off and do this work all on my own.”

She, like many others, feels blessed that the Tucson area has Dr. Maxwell here. She’s proud that she is her doctor and is confident in the results of her procedure. “I refer her to as a female Michelangelo.”

Dorothy draws attention to her jawline which she says her and Dr. Maxwell are especially proud of, and looking at the defined line, you can see why; no indication of the procedure is detectable. Understanding subtlety and nuance is what drew her to Dr. Maxwell’s office and Dr. Maxwell’s impeccable presentation and thoroughness were qualities that followed Dorothy throughout her experience – from consultation to execution.

For a role model, and someone who spends their life and time dedicated to the betterment of other people, Dorothy is a natural, and excellent judge of character. Her honest, heartfelt sentiments about Dr. Maxwell’s work can be finalized into two words: “Exquisite Finesse.”

Client Stories: Dorothy

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