Client Stories: Barry

Client Stories: Barry

Client Stories: Barry

That “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Lifestyle

Barry Kotar and his wife are go-getters. Having always living a fast paced lifestyle with a work hard, play hard attitude, Barry felt as though his physical signs of aging were not reflective of the age he intrinsically felt. Finding Dr. Maxwell was the first step he took to realign himself and it was important to Barry that the quality of cosmetic surgery be as precise and natural as possible.

Keeping this in mind Barry was naturally drawn to the careful perfection of Dr. Maxwell’s craft. Gwen’s skill went beyond exceeded expectations, and looking at the flawless complexion of Mr. Kotar now, no one would be able to detect any sign of surgery.

At first Barry was reluctant to open up about his face lift, laughing he says, “Of course I didn’t want anyone to obviously know, which is why when I saw Gwen’s work, I was immediately drawn to her finesse and naturalism.” Being impressed with the outcome of his procedure, he wanted to share with others the positive experience he had with Maxwell and her staff.

When asked why Barry wanted a face lift in the first place, he replied, “I wanted to appeal to the younger people who were interested in the houses I had for sale.” Although Barry is relatively new to the Arizona real estate market, he’s no stranger to the demands of the market, and while appealing to a younger market of buyers was the initial point of inspiration, Dr. Maxwell’s work has provided him with so much more.

Believing in living life to the fullest, Barry and his wife have lived and worked all over the world. His previous work includes 25 years in the airline industry, holding numerous executive positions in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Technology. He led the effort to develop a global distribution strategy for two major airlines, and has been moving forward ever since.

Dr. Maxwell’s face lift procedure went hand in hand with Barry’s new career change, providing him with newfound confidence and a fresh outlook on himself. “There’s a term floating around called ‘agism’ where people discriminate against those of us in society that appear older. I could feel the effects of this after so many years and I wanted really for my outside appearance to reflect the youth and energy I still had in me.”

Finally choosing Tucson to settle into was largely in part to enjoy the climate, and to explore the appeal of all the outdoor natural beauty the city has to offer. Golfing and walking the roads around the beautiful residential roads where their house sits, are a few of the Kotar’s favorite activities. Rescuing shelter dogs is a small way they like to give back, and the pups are happy to join them on walks or are equally as happy to lounge in their sun-soaked backyard.

During the recovery process, Dr. Maxwell was very attentive and invested in how Barry’s procedure was healing. “At first I grew a beard, people could tell I looked different but really they mostly just chalked it up to the facial hair,” he laughs, “when everything was healed I revealed my full face and no one could even believe I’d had a face lift.”

“I don’t act my age and I don’t look my age,” Barry jokes, “I always feel like it’s important to look your best. To really commit yourself to success 100%.” Although the process of change can be challenging at first, Barry says now he’s never felt so sure about his appearance and finally feels at home in his skin.

Client Stories: Barry

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