Neck Lift

Neck Lift

What is a Neck Lift?

Just like the face, the skin of the neck is delicate and frequently faces sun exposure and other types of damage, meaning that it can easily show aging signs over time. Fatty deposits sometimes accumulate underneath the muscle of the neck, requiring a neck lift for adequate correction. A neck lift is equivalent to the lower part of a facelift. Neck tissues are tightened, and fatty deposits are removed. Dr. Maxwell offers neck lift, paired with a facelift or performed as a standalone procedure, so patients can feel restored confidence in their appearance.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

The benefits of this procedure include improvement in the contour of the lower face, minimal scars and very little downtime. A neck lift is typically performed on younger patients who still have relatively good elasticity of the skin. Soft tissues may fail to completely tighten in all cases and incisions must be made around the ears to tighten the loose skin. While beneficial in some instances, the neck lift is no substitute for a facelift when there is overall facial laxity.

During a consultation, Dr. Maxwell will examine your neck and listen to your concerns to determine whether a neck lift is the best option for you. She will also review your health history and any medications you take to make sure that surgery is safe.

What is the Neck Lift Procedure Like?

A neck lift can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. Typically, small incisions are made behind the ears or at the hairline near the ears and just below the chin. Liposuction is commonly used to removed excess fat, which creates better definition in the jawline. Dr. Maxwell will also reposition the underlying tissues and tighten the muscles before redraping the skin and removing any excess skin or tissue. This results in a smoother look with reduced wrinkles. At this stage, the incisions can be closed using sutures.

Recovery and Results After a Neck Lift

Healing time is very brief in most cases, lasting just a few days, with only minor bruising. Pain medication may be prescribed to keep you comfortable after your neck lift surgery. Typically, Dr. Maxwell will instruct you to wear a compression garment or bandages around your face and neck, which will help minimize swelling or bruising during the first few days after your neck lift. It is also best to keep your head elevated and avoid twisting or bending your neck as you heal. Do not bend at the waist or lift heavy objects until Dr. Maxwell informs you it is safe to do so. Most patients can return to their normal routines about a week after their neck lift, but you may not see final results for several weeks as swelling continues to subside. Dr. Maxwell can explain the recovery process in more detail during a consultation appointment.

Schedule a Consultation

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