Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Fatty deposits sometimes accumulate underneath the muscle of the neck, requiring a Neck Lift for adequate correction. A Neck Lift is equivalent to the lower part of a Facelift. Neck tissues are tightened and fatty deposits removed. Healing time is very brief in most cases, lasting just a few days, with only minor bruising.

The benefits of this procedure include improvement in the contour of the lower face, minimal scars and very little downtime. It is typically performed on younger patients who still have relatively good elasticity of the skin. Soft tissues may fail to completely tighten in all cases and incisions must be made around the ears to tighten the loose skin. While beneficial in some instances, the Neck Lift is no substitute for a Facelift when there is overall facial laxity.

“Everything went exceedingly well. No issues with surgery or recovery. The results were just as I anticipated. Love the doctor. She’s highly skilled, and has great personal skills.”

– Maxwell Aesthetics Patient

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