Med Spa

Med Spa

The Med Spa offers a full spectrum of skin and body care services
including injectables and laser treatments to enhance both physical beauty and inner well being.

Treat Yourself

It is our goal to provide you with a highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Our trained technicians will consult with you on your beauty and skin care goals, recommending products and treatments to help you achieve your desired results. We take great pride in offering a caring and supportive environment while you enjoy your journey to enhance the outer reflection of your inner beauty.

Face Treatment

With a variety of treatments that reduce the signs of aging and bring skin to optimum health, you’ll look and feel better with your refreshed and glowing skin. Our laser equipment is state-of-the art and we use only medical grade products and peels. Fillers help restore lost volume and neurotoxins like Botox diminish wrinkles and frown lines for a softer appearance.

Body Treatment

Active lifestyles and Arizona sunshine often cause skin conditions associated with aging. BroadBand Light is the world’s most powerful photofacial device on the market. It provides dermal renewal by treating pigmented and vascular lesions as well as acne.

Hair Reduction

Top of the line laser hair removal will get rid of any pesky hair patches you want to get rid of. Whether you want to completely remove the hair follicle or just slow down how often you need grooming, our Med Spa offers comprehensive treatments to achieve the look you most desire.

Our Products

The Med Spa at Maxwell Aesthetics carries a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical strength products as well as mineral makeup, sunscreen, and body products. We recommend coming in for a complimentary skin care consultation for assistance in selecting the best products for you. Our licensed aestheticians work with you, your lifestyle and your budget to come up with a perfect skin care routine.


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