Breast Lift

Breast Lift

A breast lift, or Mastopexy, restores perkiness to sagging breasts.  Breast sag can result from pregnancy, weight gain or extreme enlargement of the breast during puberty, affecting your body contour, clothes choice and self-image.  Based on how much the nipple has fallen, soft tissues are lifted, skin tightened and the nipple moved upward, reshaping and uplifting the breast for a more youthful appearance.  Recovery time is less than one week, and Dr. Maxwell with her team will provide detailed instructions for home care to ensure minimal scarring.

If you choose, breast enlargement can be included with your breast lift.  This dual procedure is more extensive – the implant is placed under the muscle, and the soft tissues are then lifted around it, giving you fuller, younger-looking breasts in addition to uplift.  Dr. Maxwell’s patients express a high degree of satisfaction following these procedures.

“Dr. Maxwell is not only extremely professional, she is kind and always took the time to listen and respond to my questions and concerns. Her entire staff is also professional and exceptionally friendly and kind. All of my needs were met
consistently. This was my second surgery with Dr. Maxwell and I will return in the future.”

– Maxwell Aesthetics Patient

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