Client Stories: Annie

Client Stories: Annie

Client Stories: Annie

Annie is a young woman with everything going for her. She is her own boss, runs a successful salon, is married to a fantastic man, and just generally rocks at life. Annie helps women feel beautiful at her salon every single day, and understands the importance of looking as fabulous on the outside as you feel on the inside. This is why she chose Maxwell Aesthetics when she decided it was time to consider rhinoplasty.

When Annie was in the 5th grade, she broke her nose when she flew off of a trampoline in her friend’s backyard. At the time, she was afraid to tell her mom the extent of her injury for fear that she would worry too much. The result of never properly repairing her injury was a bump on the top of Annie’s nose that worsened as she aged.

Annie never believed in telling herself that her nose made her ugly, and she knows better than anybody that all women are worthy and beautiful. She just wanted to feel like she was her best and most assured self, but her insecurity about her nose detracted from her powerful personality.

After receiving a comprehensive consultation, Annie felt comfortable about the procedure and decided it was the time to put herself first and go through with the operation. After a smooth surgery, she is absolutely in love with her new look. She feels like herself, only enhanced, and more ready to take on the world. She no longer hides from profile shots and looks incredible in any lighting. Whether Annie is taking a selfie for fun, or operating a photoshoot for work, she knows that she is putting her best face forward.

Annie wants other young women to know, “if you feel unhappy with something, don’t be afraid that people are going to judge you”. There is no use living based on fear of what others think. In fact, she feels that women should be proud of looking the way they want and take control of their appearance.

Annie’s experience with Maxwell Aesthetics was so incredible that she had to come back. She said the knowledgeable staff treated her like family and she missed them after her recovery. This prompted Annie to sign up for the Med Spa, so she can treat herself to a variety of aesthetic skin services to relieve the stress of running a business.

Of all of Annie’s great physical assets, she says her nose is now her favorite. She no longer wants to change a thing when she sees herself in the mirror. Annie’s rhinoplasty truly changed her life.

Annie’s newfound confidence in her natural beauty allows her to add glamour to the lives of others at her salon.

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