Age Spot Removal

What is Laser Treatment for Age Spots?

Over time, sun damage can cause brown or tan spots to develop on the skin, commonly referred to as age spots or sunspots. These aging signs can be treated with no surgery required. At Maxwell Aesthetics, the treatment of age spots and most benign brown spots on the face and/or body is available using the Candela Gentlelase® Laser. This is a non-ablative laser treatment, meaning that it does not resurface the skin. It is also referred to as an Alexandrite laser. Treatment costs are based on time scheduled.

Who is a Good Candidate for Age Spot Laser Treatments?

Most patients who have fair to olive skin tones are good candidates for age spot treatment using the Candela Gentlelase device. Those with darker skin tones should avoid this treatment option as it can be damaging to their skin, causing additional hyperpigmentation, scarring, or other issues. An experienced professional from our Med Spa can help you determine the best treatment for your concerns. Aside from your skin tone, Candela Gentlelase is appropriate for all skin types, including more sensitive skin, thanks to cooling and protective technology. During a consultation, your skin will be evaluated and your health history can be reviewed to ensure that Candela Gentlelase is a suitable and safe option for treating your age spots.

What is the Candela Gentlelase Laser Procedure Like?

Candela Gentlelase treatment for age spots is relatively comfortable and simple. You will be given protective eyewear and a numbing cream may be applied to the skin if necessary. The Candela Gentlelase handpiece will then be applied to the skin and deliver rapid beams of high-intensity light to the treatment area. This light will then generate controlled heat energy, which targets the pigmented cells and damages them so that the body naturally removes the unwanted pigmentation. A short cooling spray may be applied both before and after each laser pulse. This is Candela’s DCD cooling technology, which makes the treatment more comfortable and protects the skin from unnecessary damage. In most cases, the treatment is not painful, but most patients describe it as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Recovery and Results After Candela Gentlelase Treatment

After your Candela Gentlelase treatment, you can expect some redness and minor swelling. Most patients will see these side effects subside within a few hours, though they may persist for a few days. It is also possible for the skin to darken for a few days after the treatment, but it should become lighter as healing progresses. Throughout the healing process, take care to avoid direct sun exposure and wear SPF 30+ daily.

Most age spot treatments can be completed in a single treatment session, with patients seeing a more even skin tone after one Candela Gentlelase treatment. However, some will require repeated treatments to achieve the best possible results. During a consultation, a custom treatment plan for your needs can be determined.

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