Botox for Hyperhidrosis

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is simply excessive sweating. People with hyperhidrosis will sweat excessively even when they are not hot or exercising. This can cause discomfort and self-consciousness due to sweat that can show through clothing. In particular, those with hyperhidrosis may see excessive sweating localized to certain areas such as the underarms, hands, or feet.

How Can Botox or Dysport Treat Hyperhidrosis?

Neurotoxins are very effective for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Most patients turn to Botox or Dysport injections after other treatment options, such as prescription antiperspirants, have been unsuccessful in treating their hyperhidrosis.

Just as Botox, Dysport can be used to block nerve reception in the muscles, resulting in reduced dynamic wrinkles, they can also be used to block nerve signals in the sweat glands. By injecting neuromodulators into areas like the underarms, hands, or feet, nerve signals that trigger sweating can be blocked. This means that embarrassing wetness of the hands, feet and underarms can be drastically reduced for up to 8 months. At the same time, the body can still sweat in other areas, meaning that the ability to naturally cool is not affected.

Who is a Candidate for Botox or Dysport for Hyperhidrosis?

Most patients who have hyperhidrosis that is not resolved through other treatment options are good candidates for Botox or Dysport injections. During a consultation, your injector will review your health history to ensure that any health issues, such as certain allergies or bleeding disorders, will affect your ability to receive injections. In most cases, you can receive your injections on the same day as your consultation. Botox or Dysport have the same primary ingredient, but the formula varies somewhat between the three products. This means that your injector may recommend one over the other for your specific treatment, or you may choose based on personal preference, budget, or other factors. Your injector will explain your best options and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

After Neurotoxin Injections for Hyperhidrosis

Neurotoxin injections for hyperhidrosis do not require any downtime. Immediately following the injections, you may be asked to avoid strenuous exercise for about 24 hours, but you can otherwise go about your routine as normal. You may experience some redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site which should resolve itself quickly. Typically, patients will notice their results starting at about two days after they receive their injections, with more complete relief from hyperhidrosis at about two weeks or less.

Botox or Dysport results are temporary. On average, hyperhidrosis patients will see results that last about four to eight months. After this time, you can receive maintenance injections. During your consultation, your injector can help you develop a treatment plan to address your hyperhidrosis long-term, including scheduling routine injections as necessary. Many patients will see their results last longer as they continue to receive repeated injections.

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