Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The most effective way to diminish wrinkling of the skin is with a laser. Truly a revolution in plastic surgery, laser skin resurfacing began in 1995, using the first FDA-approved device. We now have second generation lasers, including the Erbium YAG® laser, which we use in our practice. Today’s lasers generate less heat, allowing greater control in the depth of treatment. Everything from brown spots to deep wrinkles can be treated with the Erbium laser. The laser resurfaces the skin by causing the skin to deposit new and tighter collagen bundles.

Recovery from laser resurfacing can be more protracted than with other cosmetic procedures; redness can persist for many months following treatment. Most patients, however, find that the multiple benefits – removal of skin discoloration, decreased wrinkling and tighter, more youthful skin – far outweigh the discomfort during the recovery process.

Laser skin resurfacing diminishes wrinkles and age spots, restoring radiance and a beautiful peaches-and-cream complexion.

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