The Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover

You’ve created a beautiful family – now recapture your most shapely body.  Breast and tummy tissue stretched by nature can leave skin sagging and distended.  The Mommy Makeover restores, tightens and sculpts your abdomen and breasts, removes excess skin and stretch marks and repairs muscles damaged by pregnancy.  Breast enhancement or enlargement using lifting or implants completes the transformation.

Care is taken to minimize scar visibility, so you’ll feel and look your loveliest in and out of your clothes.  Dr. Maxwell and her highly qualified team will personalize your experience from beginning to end, with extensive consultation, preparation and follow-up, including expert advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for optimal, lasting results.

“My body is brand new again! My stomach is flat, my breasts are perky and beautiful. I felt an immediate ‘love connection’ with Dr. Maxwell and her staff on my first consult visit. I didn’t experience that at any other consults I had in the Phoenix area. I live in Goodyear so making the trip to Tucson was a sacrifice, but it was well worth it. The single best thing about the procedure results is that I have more self confidence about how I look. I’m not worrying about flabby body parts sneaking out! Also not wearing a bra is joy.”

– Maxwell Aesthetics Patient

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