Client Stories: Shawnee

Client Stories: Shawnee

Client Stories: Shawnee

Shawnee Hanzlick has been blessed with a ‘second chance’ story that’s inspirational and relatable to too many mommies out there. She sought out Dr. Maxwell to help her in the throes of her body transformation. After hard work and an impressive amount of weight lost, Shawnee was left with extra skin that was a reminder of who she once was. Dr. Maxwell performed a series of procedures that reduced this excess skin and sculpted her new frame, leaving Shawnee finally feeling as though she was at home in her new body and gave her confidence to once again be active and take life by the horns.

After having her daughter, as most mothers do, Shawnee gained weight over the years that was difficult to lose. The up and down yo-yo of losing weight and then regaining it became a great struggle for her. She had been battling her self- image for a long time, she now admits to how deeply her sense of self was affected. After researching procedures for herself, she located Dr. Maxwell, in Tucson and scheduled the first step of her journey and underwent the” Mommy Makeover.” After a very successful procedure, Shawnee was able to lose a lot of the extra weight she’d been carrying around for years.

“One of the things no one talks about after extreme weight loss is how much excess skin you have left over, and we still think this is kind of weird and embarrassing.  It’s part of the self-esteem battle – along with self-image of how you see yourself – I wasn’t happy with it.”

Because of her overwhelmingly positive experience the first time with Dr. Maxwell, she enlisted her help for the second round of treatment to help ease her into her new body. Undergoing a procedure is a nerve-wracking process for anyone, but the extreme level of support and knowledge that Dr. Maxwell and her team provided made the everything so much easier for Shawnee.

“I even worked with Dr. Maxwell’s team and was able get special tips on what to do at home and have my husband assist me at times when needed to help take care of me.  The best part was the great advice and posture tips to help keep me moving around while I was still healing.”

“Dr. Maxwell didn’t treat my procedure as a cookie-cutter operation, she took the time to know me personally and to address my concerns and hesitations.” She goes on to say that her experience with Dr. Maxwell and Maxwell’s team of professionals could not have gone any better. Besides taking care of Shawnee pre-operation and during, she also set her up with nurses and a post-op recovery program so that Shawnee’s recovery would go as smoothly and quickly as possible. She claims that the results are so good ‘no one would ever even know’ what her previous weight or body size was.

She stated that Dr. Maxwell’s work is ‘beautiful’ and ‘natural’ and she is finally back to feeling like home in her own skin. There was no detail left unfinished and no question left unanswered and Dr. Maxwell’s kindness and support was really instrumental in making Shawnee believe she was making the right choice for herself and her life.

Following her operation Shawnee was able to immediately return to the active lifestyle she once had while growing up in Willcox, Arizona. Like most Arizonans, she has a love of everything outdoors. This comes from her deep roots of her heritage of being a proud Native American. She loves hiking and, as she states, “could show you the most beautiful parts of Arizona, the unbeaten trails, and the most scenic views that Arizona to offer.”

When we asked if there was anything else Shawnee would like to add to her story she simply responded:

“Don’t have your fear grow so large you’re not willing to take the chance. There are chances in life you only get one opportunity for, especially in regards to love and family.”

Now that the final piece in Shawnee’s evolution is in place, she says, the operation has left her feeling ‘confident’, and has brought ‘realization to her own desires, fulfillments, and abilities’ that get to rise with her on her journey.

Client Stories: Shawnee

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