Suggested Reading Material

Suggested Reading Material

Suggested Reading

The following books are highly recommended by Dr. Gwen Maxwell, as resources to help you with your cosmetic surgery research.

Men are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery – Joan Rivers.
This book is witty and comical, yet very informative in regards to cosmetic procedures. It makes for an entertaining and educational experience!

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Plastic Surgery – Dr. Jean M. Loftus.
Dr. Loftus explains the risks and benefits of every cosmetic procedure. She also debunks myths and discredits unsound practices and procedures. This is a must read for anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

The Facelift Source-book – Dr. Kimberly A. Henry.
Dr. Henry gives a comprehensive review of face-lift procedures from all aspects; who is a good candidate, what to realistically expect, and costs. This is a great book for those wishing to learn all about the face-lift process.

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