Client Stories: Niki

Client Stories: Niki

Client Stories: Niki

“Yoga isn’t about learning to touch your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down”.

Niki made big changes in her life five years ago, leaving a lengthy, high-pressure career as a litigation paralegal to pursue her certification as a yoga instructor. Today she is passionate about her yoga practice and teaching. She genuinely believes in yoga’s transforming physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Niki is proud to say she finds a true sense of peace and self-acceptance on her mat.

A significant phase in Niki’s transformational journey came in 2016, when she began to explore options to remove her breast implants. After multiple surgeries over a 20 year span and complications including painful scar tissue, neck and back pain, unexplained skin rashes and nerve pain, Niki came to the decision that breast implants were no longer right for her. She began to research complications from breast implants and discovered there were many women who faced similar issues. Niki joined several private social media groups of women who were suffering from countless and often severe symptoms that they believe are directly related to their breast implants. Quite a few of those symptoms were all too familiar to Niki. Furthermore, Niki learned of a form of lymphoma that is caused by breast implants and in particular, the type of textured silicone implants she had. She was ready to end the seemingly never-ending circle of surgeries and put her mind at ease.

Niki’s research on the Breast Explant procedure and the surgeons who are doing it ultimately led her to Dr. Maxwell. “One name I kept hearing in the various social media groups I had joined was Dr. Gwen Maxwell.” Many of the other explant doctors Niki identified were as far away as Los Angeles, Florida and even Costa Rica. Dr. Maxwell is just a few hours from Niki’s home in Phoenix, so she decided to see her first and is so pleased she did. “From the first few minutes with Dr. Maxwell, she put my mind at ease. Without pushing anything, she compassionately confirmed that I was making the right choice for me.”

Niki’s consultation with Dr. Maxwell lasted almost an hour. She listened intently as Niki shared her experience and explained why she no longer wanted breast implants. “She answered all my questions, and I had lots of them! She never made me feel rushed or pressured in any direction.” Dr. Maxwell explained the Explant procedure with care and detail. Not once did she suggest new implants. “The decision to remove your implants can be very emotional. When a woman elects to get implants there is a reason for that decision, so the idea of removing them takes some real self-acceptance and readjustment of body image. Dr. Maxwell understands that and treats her patients with such genuine care and kindheartedness.”

Niki pursued two or three consultations with other surgeons after her first appointment with Dr. Maxwell, but in her heart she knew her decision was already made. After a follow up phone call, where Dr. Maxwell thoughtfully answered even more of her questions, Niki was ready to schedule the Explant Surgery.

“I had my implants removed, with liposuction and a fat transfer to my breasts” Niki said. “Dr. Maxwell is meticulous, gifted, empathetic, and even fun. I have referred many women to her for explant consultations since my surgery. I know she will help each of them in the same amazing way she has done for me”.

Today, Niki is very content with her decision to remove her implants. The weight has truly been lifted. She feels much better physically. She is happy and comfortable with her appearance. Her yoga practice has deepened, both physically and spiritually. “Learning to love ourselves inside and out is a daily practice of self-love and self-care. I am truly grateful that my journey led me to Dr. Maxwell and her incredible staff and I am forever thankful for their dedication and support.”

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