Dr. Alex Kaminsky

Dr. Alex Kaminsky

“I believe it is paramount to perform the right treatment for each patient. My vision is to better understand each of my patient’s beliefs and concerns. Together, we can formulate an individualized treatment plan based on the best evidence and each patient’s personal values.”

Dr. Kaminsky believes in evidence based, compassionate care of all patients, and achieves the aesthetic vision of each one by harmonizing artistry with cutting edge surgical and non-surgical techniques. Dr. Kaminsky is fundamentally interested in his patients, and enjoys collaborating with them in a supportive environment free of judgment to develop personalized treatment plans that emphasize positive body image and safety.
Dr. Kaminsky traces his passion for success in plastic and reconstructive surgery in part to his time as a professional photographer. He has been published internationally including a magazine cover from his time as a freelance photographer (and tour guide) in Rome Italy. In addition to developing an eye for aesthetics and meticulous attention to fine details, photography taught him to examine everything from multiple perspectives and to expand his vision to create captivating images.
During his time at the University of Michigan, obtaining a degree in Public Health, Dr. Kaminsky sub-specialized in the field of Environmental Sciences – Toxicology, which piqued his interest in the relationship between our environment and our health. He has continued to explore this vital connection throughout his training and it infuses his holistic approach to his patient care. Dr. Kaminsky attended medical school in Israel at the prestigious Tel Aviv University – New York Program. It was here he was first exposed to advanced surgical techniques and medical innovations that sparked his interest in surgery.
“Approaching surgical training through the prism of my Public Health background with the incredible education I received during Medical School in Israel has provided me a special perspective on the nuances of all aspects of patient care. I have seen how great care can be delivered in a variety of treatment settings and locations throughout the world, and I learned to prioritize my patient’s safety and concerns at all times.”
Dr. Kaminsky completed nine years of post-graduate training, including his General Surgery residency just outside of Washington D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia. In addition to winning awards in educational leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University and his residency program at Inova Fairfax Hospital, Dr. Kaminsky took advantage of his proximity to Washington D.C. to lobby national politicians on behalf of the American Society of Plastic Surgery to advance surgical training.
“I have always been very proactive in my patient care, looking to identify and resolve issues before they become avoidable challenges. I found lobbying in Washington D.C. was a natural extension of my approach to patient care; playing an active role in addressing current and future issues facing health care rather than idly waiting at the risk of negative outcomes.”

Dr. Kaminsky completed intensive and specialized training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, as well as additional instruction at Vanderbilt University and Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Kaminsky has participated in several medical missions to Bangladesh, treating children with congenital deformities, including cleft lip, as well as burn victims. Utilizing his educational background, he has performed public health outreach for improved rural medical facilities and has served on national committees of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Kaminsky’s love of education and teaching has driven him to academic pursuits, including authoring several textbook chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, educational modules for national plastic surgery curricula in the topics of photography and evidence based medicine as well as magazine articles including “Plastic Surgeon and Artist: One doesn’t exist without the other.” He also continues to serve as a reviewer for plastic surgery journals.
“I believe in constantly asking what is the best care I can provide for my patients, and sometimes when unsatisfied with the answers in the existing literature, I have taken part in research to publish better answers and advance the state of knowledge. Being a reviewer and publishing has supplemented my formal education and sharpened my ability to utilize the most current techniques and spot trends.”
Originally from New York, Dr. Kaminsky fell in love with the Sonoran Desert while visiting as a teenager. After studying and training in many parts of the world, he is thrilled to return with his wife and two adorable children.
“I always knew I would return to the majestic Sonoran Desert, and I can think of no better community in the world for myself and my family to thrive, enabling me to channel the surrounding beauty into my professional work.”

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